Economical Environmental Remediation Product for Spill Clean Up

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ReVive Soil Remediation Products for Brine, Produced Water, or Oil Spills

Easily Treat Mature or Fresh Spills, In Situ

This economical treatment for spills can save companies 80% of normal clean up costs. The biodegradable dispersant does not contain bacteria, but rather activates the soil’s natural bio-remediation capabilities. Simply spray ReVive Chemical directly on the spill and the are will remediate without costly soil removal and disposal.


No digging required, no removal of top soil, no landfill charges

Eliminates digging, soil removal, and soil replacement.  Eliminates disposing of contaminated soil.  Eliminates trucking in new top soil

Avoids lawsuits over land damage

Returns soil to natural state and allows vegetation to regrow

Helps stop erosion   

Does not contain bacteria, but rather utilizes the soils natural bio-remediation capabilities

May be used in dry creek beds or ponds

ReVive treatments can be used to remediate old spill sites, as well as recent events

Recommendation: simply spray Revive Chemical directly on the spill area and remediate without digging

Recommendation: while performing downhole abandonment, simply spray Revive Chemical around wellsite

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